Reformation & Dissolution


On Sunday, September 21, following the Divine Service, at the quarterly meeting of the Voters’ Assembly of Trinity Lutheran Church at Layton, Utah the voters present unanimously (with the abstentions of Pas…tor and Donna Hering) passed the Church Council’s recommendation of a closure date of 31 October, 2014 for the dissolution of the congregation known as Trinity Lutheran Church in Layton, Davis County, Utah.

The final worship service at Trinity was the Divine Service celebrating the Feast of the Reformation on Sunday, 26 October with the rite of closure preceding the final Benediction. The final disposition of property remaining was accomplished during the remaining days of the month of October.

The altar, Baptismal font, processional cross, lectern, portable sound system, and sundry liturgical accoutrement were placed into storage at Grace-Sandy for shipment to East Africa for the mission of work of Rev. Micah Wildauer. The communion rail was picked up by Rev. James Judson and installed in the chapel of the Wind River Reservation in Wyoming.

Having held the first worship service at the Fort Lane location on All Saints Day five years previously (in 2009) and first incorporated on All Saints Day, 1948 under the pastoral leadership of Rev. Harold Brauer, it was fittingly bittersweet that the premises  were finally vacated on Nov. 1, 2014.

After serving the saints at First Lutheran Church in Tooele, UT as vacancy pastor through January 31, 2015 Rev. Hering began serving the Call to serve the saints at the LC-MS congregations of Christ-Elkhart and Faith-Hugoton in the southwest corner of Kansas. Click here for a link to their website.  http://christfaithkansas.org/

Thank you all for your friendship, support, and prayers through the years.

You can listen to the entire Reformation & Dissolution service, as well as find the sermon manuscript at this link. http://lcmssermons.com/index.php?sn=3919

Your appreciative servant of the Word,
Pastor Hering

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Trinity was a member of the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod.


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