Trinity Lutheran Church, Layton, UT Has Moved

Sunday, October 25, the people of Trinity held their final worship service at their property on Golden Avenue. Sunday, November 1, they gathered for the first Divine Service in the new sanctuary at their new location on Fort Lane Boulevard.

Missouri Synod Lutherans first gathered for worship in Layton at the City Hall, and a little later at Community Hall in what is now Layton Commons Park, back in 1945 because of the difficulty gas rationing posed to travel to the nearest established congregation—St. Paul, Ogden. From this humble beginning, Trinity Lutheran Church was incorporated on All Saints Day 1948 under the pastoral leadership of Rev. Harold Brauer with charter members Arthur Krueger, Victor and Lillian Frank, Conrad and Clara Loe, William and Nellie Loe, Walter Sommer, Dale and Arlene Phililips, and Fritz and Ellen Aarfor.

The people of Trinity purchased land on Golden Avenue, across the street from the current location, in 1954 and dedicated a converted army barracks as its original worship facility in March of 1955. The members of Trinity completed construction of the current building at 385 W. Golden Avenue and began worship there in November of 1964.

Trinity grew through the 1970s and 80s. They expanded the facilities in 1971. Then in 1998 they added an education wing to accommodate a growing Sunday School and a desire to open a Lutheran elementary school.

Preschool opened for students of the congregation and local community in the fall of 1980, and added kindergarten classes in 1993.

Trinity has found it necessary to sell the property of their beloved church home in order to continue its ministry to the congregation and its surrounding communities.

We pray this sale and move will provide a sanctuary for the gathering of God’s beloved people in Layton, Utah, around the Word and Sacraments of His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, for years and generations to come.

Please remember us in your prayers as well.

Pastor Kurt Hering


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